Elizabeth Suarez

Elizabeth Suarez

Fitness Studio Franchise Owner in West Palm Beach, Florida


Elizabeth Suarez is a highly successful entrepreneur and owner of two franchised fitness studios in West Palm Beach and Wellington Florida. Having navigated her career with determination, focus, and persistence, she has received extensive recognition for her business and athletic pursuits.

With an awe-inspiring education, Elizabeth completed a B.S. in Equine Studies, a B.A. in Business Management, a B.S. in Biology, and an A.S. in Nursing. Her training did not end with these accomplishments. While serving as a Firefighter, Elizabeth earned multiple certifications during her Emergency Response Training program and received various awards, including, the Most Physically Fit Award, the Most Outstanding Recruit Award, and two Life-Saving Awards.

Living a life of monumental success has not impeded her desire to help others recognize the importance of taking responsibility for their health and wellness. For example, Next Gen, is a program Elizabeth launched to provide financial support and awareness of health and wellness to the younger generation. Elizabeth Suarez shares her inspiring insights and methods on her journey to success.

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Elizabeth Suarez is a dedicated business professional and owner of two fitness franchise facilities in West Palm Beach and Wellington, Florida. She holds multiple certifications in emergency response, and her extensive firefighting training has earned her various awards and recognitions.